EnergieAG OÖ

Energie AG Oberösterreich Commercial:
A Masterpiece in CG

Our collaboration with Energie AG Oberösterreich showcases our ability to push the boundaries of CG technology. We constructed an entire landscape from scratch, including forests, a flowing river, and dynamic water effects, all leading to the formation of the Energie AG logo. The project involved creating realistic materials and programming intricate camera journeys, resulting in a visually stunning and memorable commercial.
Energie AG Oberösterreich: A CG Creation
Discover the artistry behind the Energie AG Oberösterreich commercial, fully realized through computer-generated imagery. We developed an expansive digital landscape, featuring thousands of trees, serene water elements, and a river that artistically shapes the Energie AG logo. Our team focused on crafting detailed materials and choreographing fluid camera movements to deliver a compelling visual narrative.

Making of

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